Give your customers an effective response to their voice mails

It allows constant monitoring of Voicemail and provides statistics that help improve customer service.


  • Provides effective control of voice message handling.
  • You constantly know the status of messages.
  • Provides statistics on the service offered.
  • It is friendly to any type of customer calling for service.

Main functionalities

It allows the citizen to leave a voice message, our system transcribes it and it is registered as an appointment to be attended.

The citizen receives notifications of the progress of the shift.

The content of the voice message is displayed in the shift manager.

You can view the contact history from that phone number.

Records the waiting time and service time.

Allows you to set the target waiting time per queue and the target time per service offered.

The email and/or text alert system.

It provides statistical reports of shifts issued through this service (rescued calls), waiting time, attention time, staff performance, pending calls, processed calls, call categorization and others.

Provides for the issuance of service surveys.

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