Effectively manage queues and improve customer service

With Turnos OnCloud you change your customer's total experience from the moment they coordinate the appointment, when they visit your locations and receive the service.


Allows integration with multiple functionalities provided by the modules of shifts, appointments, survey, email, video call, IVR and others.

TurnosPR with its set of solutions allows:

  • Obtain an online appointment for the service you wish to use.
  • Whether by appointment or direct visit, when the person arrives at the site, they take their appointment electronically, register and can be informed through their cell phone, the web page, or the monitors in the waiting room where the appointments are taking place.
  • Upon leaving the office and/or completing the transaction, the visitor will receive a survey on his/her cell phone where he/she can evaluate the service received.
  • These modules work integrated, but can also be implemented independently.

TurnosPR is a system for the effective control and management of shifts in service centers and waiting rooms.

Its goal is to redefine the customer experience through technology.

In addition, it provides multiple statistics about the service the company offers.


The appointments module allows the user to request the most convenient dates and times for him/her, within the office availability.

Notifications are sent by email or text.

Integrates with TurnosPR which allows all the information to be transferred automatically at the time of registration.

Allows the office to configure the type of question and the concept.

Provides for multiple choice, yes/no, and open-ended questions.

The integration with TurnosPR allows that once the person leaves the office, a text message with the indicated survey is sent to him/her.

Main functionalities

Allows the citizen to register in person.

It allows the citizen to select with whom he/she wishes to receive the service.

Manages employee breaks.

Allows automatic, sequential, alternating or priority calling.

You can assign waiting customers to available technicians.

Allows to document those not present.

Allows you to put customers on Hold and reactivate their shifts.

The system records customer waiting time and service time.

If an employee offers multiple services, it allows to keep track of the time of each of the services offered.

Allows to set waiting time and target time per service.

Your customer will be able to monitor shifts on the screens.

Sends text messages and emails alerting when it is near and when the shift arrives.

Allows to print shift ticket.

Visitor's log of a participant's visits.

It allows you to check your shift at any time through your cell phone.

Provides multiple statistical reports to evaluate current, historical and multi-office.

Provides Dashboard Real Time.

Supervision functionalities

Allows you to monitor the people in the room, their waiting time and which queue they are waiting for.

Allows you to monitor the people in the room by status and/or by person to visit.

Allows you to monitor people who have been waiting longer than the target time. Sends alerts by email.

Allows you to monitor employees by identifying their status (available, attending, break), time spent in that status, last call, details of the break taken.

Allows the authorization of the break requested by the technician and/or break assignment.


Detail of employees offering service.

Detail of people waiting more than the target time.

Visits, waiting time, service time by arrival time.

Visits, waiting time, attention time per line.

Visits, waiting time, service time per service.

Visits and time spent per employee.

Visits, transactions, calls, no-shows.

Employee performance history.

Employee leave history and leave deviations.

Visitor's history, waiting times and service times.

Comparisons between employees by time served, people served and performance vs. target time.

Comparisons between queues by waiting time, service time, people served and performance vs. target time.

Comparisons between services by waiting time, service time, persons served and performance vs. target time.

Multi-office information.

Comparisons between offices.



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