Manage your appointment requests by email

Allows you to follow up on your customers' emails on a full-time basis.


  • Incoming mail can be integrated into a centralized Queue and converted into shifts.
  • Each email can be segregated by rows.
  • This tool allows e-mails to be answered in an organized way and to have metrics of the time in which they are answered.
  • The response of the e-mails will be carried out within the ShiftsPR manager so you will have access to view statistical reports of the movement of the same.

Main functionalities

If you have more than one email each email can be segregated by rows.

Handles customer emails in the order in which they were left, so they can return the service call in the order in which they were received. It can also be configured to do a 'screening' to redirect email to particular or priority queues.

The content of the email is displayed in the shift manager.

You can view the contact history from that email.

Records the waiting time and service time.

Allows you to set the target waiting time per queue and the target time per service offered.

The system alerts by email upon conversion to Shifts and provides email follow-ups.

The reply can be documented and sent to the sender email automatically.

It provides statistical reports of shifts issued through this service (emails received), waiting time, attention time, staff performance, emails processed, emails pending, categorization of requests and others.

Provides for the issuance of service surveys.

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